Juvenile Detention Facility – Visits Hall

This juvenile detention facility came to Pineapple looking for help with their visits areas. Working together, Pineapple spent time with the team discussing the behaviours and issues experienced by inmates. Their team explained that their visits area was often an emotionally charged atmosphere, resulting in outbreaks and challenging behavior. Tables and chairs were being used as weapons, regularly being thrown at others in the room. Staff were required to restrain individuals, causing upset to visiting friends and families.

The strategy for upgrading the visits area was ultimately to create a safe environment which also encouraged positive behavior and reduced the intimidation for visitors.

Ryno® chairs, which are formed from a single piece of rotationally moulded plastic have been subtly designed to remove ligature points and are shaped to be particularly difficult to handle, making them than ideal choice for this project. Sat next to the Ryno coffee table, similarly designed with a relentless commitment to safety and durability, the room was transformed.

The result, a bright spectrum of colours throughout the room, creates a positive and uplifting environment. Removing the institutionalized feel of the space makes it inviting for friends and family to visit, helping to encourage the rehabilitation process. And ultimately, the strategic aim to achieve a safe visiting space has been achieved.

“I’m really pleased with the choices made regarding the furniture style and colours and we’ve has good feedback from visitors. Most importantly, the furniture is now safer and more decent than what we had before.”