Professor Kjetil Fallan Appointed to Pineapple Global Advisory Board

10 Jun 2019  |  by Pineapple Contracts

Fallan Photo

Pineapple has appointed distinguished Norwegian academic Professor Kjetil Fallan to its Global Advisory board in what is considered a significant move in the industry.

“We have been considering a number of thought leaders to help us build and maintain our thought leadership in the market place and for this reason, the appointment of Professor Fallan is truly significant”, says Michael Neale, Chair of the Pineapple Global Advisory Board who was given the task in March of recruiting the best minds in the world. “Professor Fallan has a very strong understanding of the theory and philosophy of design. He has written books on Scandinavian and Italian design, the historiography of design, environmental histories of design and much more. He has a sustained interest in ethical issues in design, particularly as they relate to social and ecological justice. In short, Professor Fallan has exceptional expertise and experience that will aid our leadership in design of special purpose furniture well into the future.”

Kjetil Fallan is Professor of Design History at the University of Oslo and a founding member of the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities. He specialises in the cultural and environmental histories of design. His books include The Culture of Nature in the History of Design (2019), Designing Modern Norway: A History of Design Discourse (2017), Scandinavian Design: Alternative Histories (2012), and Design History: Understanding Theory and Method (2010).

Pineapple creates purposeful furniture. It has an ongoing process of listening to customer needs, distilling them down to understand purpose and then producing furniture ranges that are mindfully designed to deliver that purpose.

“Pineapple will continue to be successful by maintaining its leadership in the market through innovation”, says Charles Hathorn, Managing Director of Pineapple Contracts. “We must understand both the needs of our customers and best practice in addressing those needs better than any of our competitors. Our Global Advisory Board will help us achieve the later and Professor Fallan will make a significant contribution to that end.”

Other announcements on significant appointments to the Pineapple global advisory board are expected in the near future.