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Ryno® Bedroom

Reduced-ligature bedroom furniture specifically designed to address issues experienced in challenging environments

Acumen White

Acumen furniture has been designed to solve many problems; from its many anti-ligature features to minimizing opportunities for concealment of contraband

Acumen Gray

Acumen Gray is the latest finish option for our unique and popular Acumen safe and secure bedroom furniture

Acumen Open

Acumen Open maintains Acumen’s key features but removes doors, drawers and hinges to provide higher-risk settings with total peace of mind


Our innovative Sovie bed range has immense internal strength combined with a durable, water-resistant outer shell

Scorpio Collapsible Mattress

The tri-fold design of Scorpio collapsible mattress prevents obscuring of vision panels as they ‘collapse’ when stood on end

Scorpio Ryno® Bed Mattress

This Scorpio mattress has been designed specifically to fit our Ryno® bed and has the same great features as our other Scorpio mattresses


Our hygienic heavy-duty Taurus mattresses use welded seams to ensure that they cannot be vandalized and are fully waterproof


These anti-microbial Alpine mattresses incorporate multi-density foam with welded seams to ensure comfort and safety