Acumen Open Hickory

  • Created without doors or draws to further reduce ligature risk
  • Heavily weighted to deter misuse
  • Specially designed to minimize concealment areas (e.g. underside, between drawers)
  • 1” thick tops and melamine-faced carcase
  • Half-depth shelf with a groove instead of clothes rail to minimize ligature risks
  • Stepped shelves to deter climbing
  • Fastened shelves with reinforcement panels to prevent misuse
  • Security fixings to prevent tampering
  • Smooth, rounded corners for safety
  • Strength and surface durability tested

Heavily weighted, strong (tested to BS 4875 Part 7 Level 5 2006), thick (0.7″) carcase made from a combination of melamine-faced particle board and vinyl-wrapped medium density fiberboard. Complete with fully glued, fixed shelves to prevent removal as well as anti-stash panels. Corners are smooth and rounded for additional safety as well all edges being lipped in tough PVC and the surface is durability tested to BS 6250. Security fixings as standard

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23.4"H | 17.7"W | 19"D WEIGHT: 79.5 LBS.


32.9"H | 31.9"W | 19"D WEIGHT: 177.5 LBS.


28.9"H | 42.7"W | 19"D WEIGHT: 172 LBS.


70.8"H | 36.4"W | 25"D WEIGHT: 299 LBS.


18"H | 36.4"W | 25"D WEIGHT: 63 LBS.


19.7”H | 23.6”W WEIGHT: 13 LBS.