Ryno® OceanGreen dining chair

New eco Ryno dining chair featuring 50% recycled content derived from fishing nets and gear.


  • Weighted to 123lbs to deter mishandling
  • 50% recycled content derived from fishing nets and gear
  • 16% reduction in carbon footprint
  • 23% decrease in energy required to manufacture
  • 1.8 tons of virgin plastic could be saved *based on 2022 sales
  • Wipe-clean surface with excellent chemical resistance
  • Water resistant, UV stabilized material – suitable for outdoor use
  • Flammability UL94 HB
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults
Lifetime Guarantee
Weighted Options
100% LDPE
Floor Fastenable


  • Available in our unique OceanGreen color only
  • Only available as our Ryno dining chair
  • Lightweight model (26.5lbs)
  • Floor fixed solution (please specify at order stage)
  • Linking brackets to connect chairs (please specify at order stage)
  • There will be some color variation from batch to batch this is the nature of the reclaim polymer.

Finish options


Helping to keep our oceans clean

Abandoned or lost fishing nets, ropes and other fishing equipment account for around 10% of the plastics that end up in our oceans.

“Ghost nets” like these can be harmful to sea life, with fish, birds, crabs and other species becoming tangled in them and attracting larger animals like dolphins and whales which can also become trapped. They can also cause damage to seabed and coral reefs by becoming snagged and shading them from sunlight. When fishing nets are no longer required, they are collected and turned into recycled polymer granules. This recycling process prevents the nets reaching our oceans and harming sea life and reduces the carbon footprint of products made using the recycled polymer.



Ryno® OceanGreen dining chair

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