Our Products Have Been Surface Tested For Coronavirus Resistance

23 Apr 2020  |  by marcusjones

Here at Pineapple we have taken extra steps to independently test our products. We understand the need throughout the current Coronavirus situation, to be able to reassure our customers of the many benefits of our furniture for challenging environments.

We recommend when choosing your upholstered behavioral furniture, select upholstery treated with Panaz’s Shield Plus ™ anti-microbial technology, which separate independent tests have shown will not sustain Coronavirus.

While handwashing and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces are key to preventing the spread of COVID-19, the virus can live on some surfaces longer than others. Mental health furniture in our Ryno®, Sovie and Scorpio ranges have undergone extensive laboratory testing for Coronavirus (Munich strain, Feline Coronavirus, also known as Alphacoronavirus 1) and been proved resistant.

The test products received the following log reductions in demonstrating resistance to growth against Coronavirus (Feline, Strain Munich) over a 24-hour period:

1) Ryno – 0.65 log reduction

2) Scorpio – 0.58 log reduction

3) Sovie – 0.45 log reduction

Click here to download the full report