From initial concept right through to manufacture and delivery, we have full control of the process. We prefer it this way because it means we can keep a closer eye on the quality of all of our products.




We understand that in challenging environments, even the smallest of details can make a big difference. That's why "Listening" is the first stage in the Pineapple Process - we make sure we fully understand each unique set of challenges before we put pencil to paper.

After gaining a deep understanding of the issues which need to be overcome, our product development team create initial sketches of designs.


Our state-of-the-art 3D printing capabilities means our designers can experience how each element looks and feels before proceeding. It allows us to test concepts and refine our designs prior to creating a fully functioning prototype.


Once we’re happy with a design, we build a full-size prototype. It helps us to check for comfort and postural support as well as identifying opportunities to improve the design from a manufacturing perspective.


For some products we conduct live trials with staff and patients to get detailed feedback on how the product works in the real world. By listening to wide group of people including staff, patients and their families we benefit from richly varied experiences.

The feedback stage helps us to evaluate how well the design fulfills the brief, and offers further opportunities for design improvements.


Before reaching our customers, all of our products are strength and stability tested for severe contract use. In these demanding tests, strong forces are applied for hundreds of thousands of cycles to simulate real-life use. Many of our products have been tested to withstand a static weight of over 990 lbs.

Our rolling testing program ensures we keep up to date with current standards around the world.


All of our designs are either manufactured by us or by our carefully chosen partners who produce our furniture under licence to meet our precise specification and design.