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When we design behavioral health furniture, our goal is to provide peace of mind. Whether that means heavily weighted furniture which cannot be picked up and thrown, or reduced-ligature furniture to protect patients from themselves, safety is the top priority.

When we design furniture for mental health facilities, our goal is to provide peace of mind. Whether that means heavily weighted furniture which cannot be picked up and thrown, or reduced-ligature furniture to protect patients from harming themselves, safety is always the top priority.

Here are some of the things we need to consider when designing mental health furniture:

Ligature Risks

Hanging or strangulation is the most common method of suicide for patients in psychiatric care (used in approximately 75% of cases), so minimzing ligature risks is a key area of concern for care providers. Our reduced-ligature wardrobes are designed to maximize safety in mental health envrionments.

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Occasions of violence and aggression are not uncommon in psychiatric units as a result of patients being in acute behavioral distress. In these situations, furniture can pose a risk of being used as a weapon, either by being picked up and swung/thrown or by being broken into smaller parts (e.g. a chair leg) and being used as a striking weapon. The heavily weighted chairs in our Ryno range are designed to be near-impossible to pick up, protecting staff and patients from injury.

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Concealment (also known as stashing) of contraband is a significant safety risk in mental health environments. Medication is sometimes concealed in an attempt to evade treatment, or to pass to other patients which may compromise recovery plans. Sharp objects may also be concealed in connection with self-harm or to use as a weapon to harm others. Staff are also at risk of harm from sharp objects when conducting contraband searches. Our anti-concealment products are designed to minimize concealment opportunities and make inspection safer for staff.

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While care providers will always aim to minimize disruptive behavior using verbal de-escalation, this approach may not always be successful. When a patient is in severe distress and initial verbal de-escalation techniques have proven ineffective, physical restraint may be used as a last resort to prevent the patient causing harm to themselves and others.

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Infection Control

Children and adults with severe learning disabilities often experience continence problems, caused either by physical or developmental reasons. As well as requiring sensitive nursing care, incontinence can also put additional demands upon furniture. Our water-resistant products are carefully designed to improve hygiene in challenging environments.

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Excessive noise in mental health environments can be disturbing to already sensitive patients, and potentially detrimental to treatment and recovery plans. Our acoustic products are designed to minimize the effects of excessive noise, creating calmer, more therapeutic spaces.

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University of KY Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit

"The Pineapple beds and desks provided that storage, in a safe- yet still designed- way -in all patient bedrooms"

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Kimmeridge Court, St. Ann’s Hospital

Mental Health Hospital

"Rusk State Hospital in Texas is a newly renovated mental health complex that features a state -of-the-art facility furnished with Pineapple products."

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Through Pineapple's modern designs, RADIUS was able to provide a home-like environment for their residents

"Through Pineapple's modern designs, RADIUS was able to provide a home-like environment for their residents"

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Crisis Stabilization Unit

This Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) in California features a newly renovated courtyard space for residents. This space is now home...

Willmar Behavioral Health

Reduced-ligature design features were a high-priority requirement for this new Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Hospital (CABHH) located in Willmar,...

Children’s Behavioral Health Center

Education Furniture for Mental Health Education School

Interior décor choices include blues and greens which help soften the grey base environment and reintroduce a homely, welcoming aesthetic....

From understanding the needs of the client to the delivery and installation, we were proud to have worked alongside this children's center in creating a safe and modern child-focused space.

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Behavioral Health Unit


Throughout the ward corridors and outside garden areas our Ryno® Benches and Ryno® Stools have been utilized to provide areas...

"We selected Pineapple because of their excellent knowledge of the healthcare sector and their range of products suitable for high-risk environments, We chose Ryno® because of its demonstrable strength and safety..."

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Mental Health Unit

Healthcare Furniture for Edgeware Community Hospital Case Study

Our Fusion chairs are heavily weighted with a reinforced plywood seat, which deters mishandling and offers a stable seating solution....

"Pineapple was very helpful in addressing our needs for the wards. The quality of furniture has been well received by both staff and service users. Delivery was on time as scheduled. Aftercare was excellent as well"

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Behavioral Health Facility with Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Belfast Health and Social Care Mental Health Furniture Case Study

Reinforced Skye Plus and modular Ohio Plus offer relaxed seating throughout the building, while Snug Plus modular units have been used to...

With careful upholstery selection, the client used reinforced furniture from Pineapple to create a tranquil environment which is relaxing and safe in equal measure.

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