Latest products in behavioral health

Ryno® Tub Chair

This tub chair was created with extreme strength while solving issues of comfort and safety in challenging environments


This seating range incorporates zero-depth seams with fixed cushions to remove hiding places for contraband, and is available in different levels of reinforcement

Acumen White

Acumen furniture has been designed to solve many problems; from its many anti-ligature features to minimizing opportunities for concealment of contraband

Case study

Rehabilitation Facility

Furniture from our Ryno® range is brightening up this new rehabilitation facility. The ward is a calm and modern building designed to minimize stress while maximizing recovery and safety - something which Ryno products are perfectly suited to. Ryno products were provided in a range of colors, with both bright primary colors and more neutral shades being used indoors and outdoors throughout the facility to provide further safety and a sense of well-being.

"We selected Ryno items as they are stylish and a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, helping to create a safe and homely environment."

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