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Dining room furniture
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Ryno® Dining Chair

Ryno dining chairs have an upright seating position well suited to dining but also in other areas where weaponization is a concern

Ryno® Children's Dining Chair

Just like it’s larger sibling, the Ryno Children's Dining Chair offers key features for challenging environments, but has been designed for children

Ryno® Activity Table

The Ryno activity table, with flat laminate top, addresses the requirement of minimizing violence and conflict in demanding settings

Ryno® Dining Table

The Ryno dining table, with molded top, is a great option for indoors and out, recognizing the need to reduce conflict or violence in certain areas

Cumulus Plus Dining Tables

Our heavy-duty dining table range, available in multiple sizes, combines a steel base plate and thick pedestal for strength and stability

Cumulus Plus Children's Dining Tables

Dining tables based on one of our popular ranges; Cumulus Plus. Just like its older siblings, this range offers key features, but for children


This multi-purpose stackable seating is easy to move, clean and store, with a solid chrome rod frame and hardened shell for strength