Safety and durability are key concerns in correctional facilities such as prisons and jails so ensuring furniture includes anti-ligature features and heavily weighted options to reduce misuse is important in creating safer, more human-centered custodial environments

Southern Remand Center

With their unique blend of extreme safety, security, and a modern aesthetic, Ryno products are designed to soften and improve the built environment while preserving safety for all

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Medium Security Facility

custodial furniture hmp humber case study

Heavily-weighted products from our innovative Ryno range occupy the majority of the space, with prisoners seated in the vibrant Lime...

"We had a real issue with visitors and prisoners rearranging the furniture to get more intimate. The weight and design of the new furniture prevents this."

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Juvenile Detention Facility

custodial furniture case study

When staff at this facility needed a to create a new association area for inmates, safety and security were at...

Products from our Ryno dining tables and chairs were perfect for meeting these complex requirements while avoiding an 'institutional' aesthetic.

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Maximum Security Facility

wormwood scrubs custodial furniture case study

Pineapple furniture was recently selected to transform this maximum security facility into a safer, less daunting space. The previous furniture...

"The installation of Ryno chairs and tables in the visits complex has served to both improve safety and security whilst providing an uplifting and visually pleasing environment for visitors and prisoners."

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Low Security Facility

HMP Standford custodial furniture case study

When refurbishing their visitor center, the client was keen to “break the mold”. Aiming to avoid a traditionally austere environment,...

"You can see it on the families’ faces when they walk in... it’s got the feel-good factor."

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