Ryno® Tub Chair

This tub chair was created to solve issues of comfort and safety in challenging environments

Ryno® Club Chair

The club chair is our new reduced ligature chair designed to make unsupervised areas in demanding spaces safer for everyone

Ryno® Lounge Chair

The lounge chair incorporates multiple safety features in a laid back style so is great for demanding settings requiring calm

Ryno® Coffee Table

Our coffee table is a sleek yet stable option that is easy to wipe clean and removes issues of concealment

Ryno® Stool

The stool is one of the latest members of the Ryno® family, introducing a new option for indoor and outdoor spaces

Ryno® Bench

The bench, like the stool, is a new Ryno® product, further enhancing our offering of safe indoor/outdoor furniture

Domus Plus

In addition to its strong, heavy frame, Domus Plus’ curved back makes it supportive with the wood finish adding an organic feel

Skye Plus

Skye Plus seating combines strength with a modern look, using slim arms to create comfort suitable for areas with limited space

Snug Plus

Snug Plus' modular versatility combined with sumptuous comfort helps you create an arrangement to best suit your space

Ohio Plus

Great modular seating usable on their own or in multiples, Ohio Plus has ski feet helping reconfigure spaces as your needs evolve


The reinforced Magna range can incorporate zero-depth seams with its fixed cushions to remove hiding places for contraband


Our reinforced Orr seating is easy to clean as it is raised from the floor and has removable cushions making it perfect for healthcare environments


Stackable chairs combining wood and upholstery to soften a space, all with a chunky one-piece frame to ensure strength

Cumulus Plus Coffee Tables

Our heavy-duty coffee table range, available in multiple sizes, combines a steel base plate and thick pedestal for strength and stability

Rock Coffee Tables

Combining strength and beauty, Rock is an elegant but robust range of well-designed tables and chairs