The Healing Power Of Nature: Furniture Suited For Outdoor Spaces

Whether we are stepping outside to keep active, or taking time to reflect in natural surroundings, making use of outdoor space can play an important role in everyone’s mental well-being. Improvements to mood and self-esteem along with reduced stress and anxiety are just some of the benefits which can be gained by spending time in the great outdoors.

In the recent Mental Health Awareness Week, the Mental Health Foundation emphasized the beneficial effects of spending time outside, recommending developing a closer connection to “everyday” nature rather than seeking rural and remote spaces. If you missed it, you can read the Nature Research Report here.

Our outdoor furniture ranges are designed for challenging environments. As well as being water-resistant and UV-stabilized, many of them can be heavily weighted or securely fixed to the floor to maximize safety for patients and staff.

Outdoor study spaces allow children to learn in a more relaxed setting, and help to establish a lifelong connection with nature. Ryno® products are totally water-resistant and UV-stabilized, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all weather.

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