Unparalleled Estates and Facilities Experience for Pineapple

05 Nov 2019  |  by marcusjones

Pineapple Contracts announced today the appointment of renowned Estates and Facilities management consultant Richard P. Brown to their Global Advisory Board in a move that gives them an unrivaled level of experience and expertise in the discipline.

“We believe that Richard Brown’s appointment is highly significant”, says Charles Hathorn, Managing Director of Pineapple Contracts. “In our quest to understand the needs of our customers more deeply and more broadly, we need to take into account all of the user perspectives from the clinical/client perspective right through to the macro perspective of facilities managers and estate directors. Richard will enable us to gain an in-depth understanding of that macro-perspective.”

Richard Brown, a Chartered Engineer with accounting and finance qualifications, has an impressive track record of success managing estates and facilities projects in the Health sector in the United Kingdom. He was Head of Capital Projects & Property – Estates & Facilities at St Andrews Healthcare, a charity providing specialist mental healthcare for around 900 patients referred from the National Health Service (NHS), with some of the most complex, challenging mental health needs in the UK. These patients include adult and children; male and female. The facilities and estate investment requirements in this environment were complex, demanding and state-of-the-art.

Prior to this, Richard was Associate Director, Capital Projects & Property – Estates & Facilities at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. That followed senior Facilities and Project Management roles with Tesco Stores Ltd and The Boots Company.

Now running his own consultancy company, Richard has established an international reputation as an experienced and collaborative Estates professional with a strong commercial and strategic approach to managing teams, projects, and master planning activities. He has a strong track record of working closely with client Stakeholders, Executives, Operational teams and external Regulators, to successfully deliver and implement large scale, step change, complex transformational schemes adding real value to the bottom line for business and operations.

“What a fantastic addition Richard will be to our team”, says Michael Neale, Chair of the Pineapple Global Advisory Board. “When you build a team with terms of reference that are meant to drive thought leadership in an industry, the secret to success is to build a team of experts that have the diversity that they can provoke and challenge new thinking in each other. I believe that now the Pineapple Global Advisory Board has an exciting spread of expertise with a global perspective.”

Pineapple creates purposeful transformative furniture. They use their Pineapple Process™ of listening to customer needs, more deeply and more widely to understand purpose and then provide furniture ranges that are mindfully designed to deliver that purpose for better customer outcomes.