Juvenile Detention Facility – Communal Area

When staff at this juvenile detention facility needed to create a new association area for inmates, safety and security were at the top of the list of requirements. Traditional furniture is often unsuitable for these environments – in the event of a disturbance, chairs can be easily picked up and thrown which escalate the situation and increases the danger level. Furniture may also pose a weapons risk if it can be dismantled into smaller pieces, and stashing opportunities can be exploited to pass contraband.

Products from our Ryno® range were perfect for meeting these complex requirements while avoiding an ‘institutional’ aesthetic. All Ryno products can be heavily weighted, making them impossible to pick up and throw. If necessary, the items can also be securely fixed to the floor using heavy duty stainless steel fixtures. As well as excellent strength and durability, the one-piece construction provides no stashing opportunities and cannot be dismantled or weaponized. This all contributes to better safety for inmates and staff alike and reduces the replacement costs caused by any damage.