Hospitals & Healthcare

As well as providing comfort to patients, healthcare and hospital furniture needs to be durable and offer excellent levels of hygiene. Our easy to clean furniture is strength tested to contract levels and we offer anti-microbial upholstery to exceed these needs

Baptist Health Hospital

Pineapple was able to create a small sense of healing for those who visit the Baptist Health Hospital.

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Kimmeridge Court, St. Ann’s Hospital

Mental Health Hospital

"Rusk State Hospital in Texas is a newly renovated mental health complex that features a state -of-the-art facility furnished with Pineapple products."

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Behavioral Health Unit


Throughout the ward corridors and outside garden areas our Ryno® Benches and Ryno® Stools have been utilized to provide areas...

"We selected Pineapple because of their excellent knowledge of the healthcare sector and their range of products suitable for high-risk environments, We chose Ryno® because of its demonstrable strength and safety..."

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Children’s Hospital


Elsewhere in the hospital, Recondo recliners provide a comfortable solution for parents spending time at their children's bedside.

Vee chairs were chosen for this Children's Hospital to add to the bright and welcoming color scheme of the main reception area, creating a fun and functional environment for visitors.

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Oncology Service

Case Study Healthcare Furniture for Oncology Unit

As well as treatment rooms the service boasts a gym, internet hub and spaces for quiet activities. Ohio chairs and Boden beanbags in...

The goal for this oncology service for young people was to create a bright, vibrant space which was as far from a ‘hospital feel’ as practically possible.

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