University of KY Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit

“The Pineapple beds and desks provided that storage, in a safe- yet still designed- way -in all patient bedrooms”

The University of Kentucky recently relocated their Adolescent Behavioral Health program and Pineapple was chosen to provide furnishings for the project. In partnership with the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital, the renovation aids in the alignment of services for children throughout their facilities.

In collaboration with Stengel Hill Architecture, the renovation was designed to provide children and adolescents with a sense of personal space and privacy while giving them the best care.

“Each patient has a dedicated space where they can feel safe, and their belongings are integrated into that space.”

The Ryno Bed with storage provided additional storage making it a practical and essential addition. The dining chair and open nightstand complete the bedroom as staples in our Ryno range. Ryno comes in 13 versatile colors and allows architects and designers to create a colorful and calming space.

Ryno products also come with a lifelong warranty and assurance that it is built to last. Made from one-piece designs that are easy to clean, durable, and a safe solution for behavioral health environments.

Beyond the bedrooms we also provided furniture solutions for the community spaces. The Ryno dining chairs serve as dining and casual, downtime seating and accompany the Ryno Activity Tables  provide long-lasting options for the daily demands within the unit.

Contessa Foam Shapes are a customizable option, enabling practicality with fun, changeable layouts. Available in 8 different shapes, Contessa features an all-foam construction with no internal frame and features strong stitched seams and the zip heads are removed and over sewn to prevent tampering.

The Zen Plus Lounge was added into the space to provide an alternate soothing option for children. The chair helps create areas of calm, relaxation, and rest. The smoothly reclined shape prevents pressure points and provides exceptional comfort. This and the majority of our upholstered ranges are available in a wide range of fabrics and vinyls.

The Adolescent Behavioral Health unit will help reduce stressors and create a rehabilitative environment for all. The renovation and design will provide both Staff and Patients a space that creates safety, healing and hope”


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