Concealment (also known as stashing) of contraband is a significant safety risk in mental health environments. Medication is sometimes concealed in an attempt to evade treatment, or to pass to other patients which may compromise recovery plans. Sharp objects may also be concealed in connection with self-harm or to use as a weapon to harm others. Staff are also at risk of harm from sharp objects when conducting contraband searches which often require them to run a hand along the gaps around the seat cushion of a chair or sofa.

anti-concealment seams

A number of our ranges (Sigma, Magna and Rubus) are available with anti-concealment seams. Unlike traditional upholstery methods which create a deep gap around the seat cushion, these products are designed with a “zero-depth” seam which minimizes concealment opportunities.

Safer inspection

Our Liberty range is designed with removable seat and back cushions which makes thorough inspection safer for staff, and the seat cushion has an angled side which causes stashed items to fall to the floor rather than stay wedged in place.

Minimizing concealment opportunities

Many cabinetry products feature a void underneath, and spaces in between drawers which can be used to stash contraband. Our Acumen lounge and bedroom ranges feature flush enclosed bases and additional panels in between drawer runners to minimize concealment opportunities.

Seamless design

Seal is a minimalist seating range designed to reduce risk and maximize safety in challenging environments. Seal’s soft foam core is protected by a water-resistant outer skin, creating a hygienic surface which can be easily cleaned and dried, ready for re-use.

Traditional seating often features seams which can become the target of damage, and gaps which can be used for concealment or stashing. Seal’s smooth continuous shape eliminates these risks, creating safer environments for everyone.


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