BED BUGS: How You Can Protect Yourself from these Parasites with Pineapple Furniture

Bed bugs cause skin rashes and redness and are becoming increasingly common in many environments regardless of hygiene conditions. Once they have emerged, these stubborn parasites spread rapidly and are hard to control.

Bed bugs can become a common problem, particularly in demanding environments and inpatient settings such as psychiatric hospitals. The bugs can spread once when they establish themselves and multiply mostly in wood or fabric upholstery.

There is a solution for this:

Did you know that bed bugs have difficulty moving and spreading in or on smooth, polished objects without gaps or crevices?

Our popular Ryno® bedroom series creates the perfect solution against the establishment of resistant parasites. Thanks to the one-piece construction and smooth surface of the furniture, the bed bugs are not able to penetrate any gaps and can hardly move on the surface. In addition, the polyethylene from which Ryno® products are made is antimicrobial, resistant to a variety of viruses and bacteria, easy to wipe clean, and extremely easy to care for.

Pineapple also offers additional seating options for common and lounge areas in facilities so the emergence of bed bugs can be prevented. These seating options include Korgen beam seating, Bold chairs and Xeon Plus chairs. All of these products have a one-piece design, are made from an antimicrobial material, easy to clean and most importantly, are highly resistant to bed bugs.


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