Boden Beanbag Rocker Wins big at the Nightingale Awards

Our newest addition to the Boden beanbag range has proudly won 2 Nightingale Awards! The Boden Beanbag Rocker won Gold Award for Patient Seating and Product Innovation award.

The product was designed in association with Jason Beshore, Health Principal at HDR Architecture. As part of his work designing behavioral health spaces, he noted patients self-soothing by rocking back and forth on the floor rather than using rocking chairs available to them. Working together with Pineapple’s product design team, a prototype product which provided a gentle rocking motion at a position closer to the ground was developed.

As part of the development process, a prototype product was tried at two Virginia hospitals, one treating adult behavioral health patients and the other, pediatric patients.

Feedback was sought from the attending healthcare professionals regarding how well used the product was, how effective it appeared to be as a tool for calming those who used it, how safe it was, and how practical it was for cleaning. This valuable feedback helped our design team to make subtle adjustments to improve the experience of using the product.

We discovered that gentle, controllable vestibular stimulation provides comfort and calm. Through its round donut-shaped design, the rocker provides a reassuring feeling of wrap-around contact and allows people to self-soothe by rocking back and forth on the floor.

We at Pineapple are very proud of this achievement and believe that this product will help improve the care and recovery of patients in behavioral health environments.

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