Broadmoor: world-renowned high-secure psychiatric hospital selects Ryno®

16 Jan 2020  |  by marcusjones

Broadmoor: world-renowned high-secure psychiatric hospital selects Ryno®

The newly improved Broadmoor Hospital opened its doors at the end of last year, with the new facility focusing on safety and the future of healthcare. By creating a positive, therapeutic environment the hospital aims to promote rehabilitation and recovery for those in need of high-secure psychiatric care.

“…the new hospital epitomises the ethos of hope and recovery at Broadmoor”

Carolyn Regan (Chief Executive of West London NHS Trust)

Color has been thoroughly integrated into the building’s design; using the abundance of natural light that floods in through the modern stained-glass windows to cast a warming glow within the dining room. Ryno dining chairs from Pineapple provide vibrant splashes of lime green, contrasting with the bright orange structural beams that punctuate the space.

The chairs are joined by Cumulus Plus dining tables with extra-resilient solid grade laminate tops, securely fixed to a steel pedestal base for safety and durability. The smooth-edged, heavily weighted table helps to deter misuse and creates a safer space for both patients and staff.

Ryno lounge chairs have been used throughout the waiting areas within the building. Ryno products’ one-piece construction makes them extremely strong, and they cannot be disassembled and weaponized, unlike conventional chairs, making them perfect for challenging environments.

Why choose Ryno®?

  1. One-piece construction provides excellent strength and stability
  2. Difficult to pick up and weaponize
  3. Heavily weighted and floor fixing options are available to help further deter misuse
  4. Designed specifically to reduce potential ligature points for increased safety
  5. Fire-retardant, and tested to severe contract level
  6. Anti-microbial (even beneath the surface) thanks to our unique polymer blend.
  7. Minimal concealment opportunities reduce risk to staff
  8. Water-resistant, UV-stabilized shell means it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  9. Lifetime Guarantee against all manufacturing faults, therefore providing our customers with peace of mind.
  10. 10 versatile colors to choose from, to avoid an institutionalized look

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