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Ryno® Tub Chair

This tub chair was created to solve issues of comfort and safety in challenging environments

Ryno® Club Chair

The club chair is our new reduced ligature chair designed to make unsupervised areas in demanding spaces safer for everyone

Ryno® Lounge Chair

The lounge chair incorporates multiple safety features in a laid back style so is great for demanding settings requiring calm

Ryno® Coffee Table

Our coffee table is a sleek yet stable option that is easy to wipe clean and removes issues of concealment

Ryno® Dining Chair

These chairs have an upright seating position well suited to dining but also in other areas where weaponization is a concern

Ryno® Children's Dining Chair

Just like its larger sibling, this chair offers key features for challenging environments, but has been designed for children

Ryno® Activity Table

The Ryno activity table, with laminate coated top, addresses the requirement of minimizing violence and conflict in demanding settings

Ryno® Dining Table

The Ryno dining table, with molded polyethylene top, is a great option for indoors and out, recognizing the need to reduce conflict or violence in certain areas

Ryno® Stool

The stool is one of the latest members of the Ryno® family, introducing a new option for indoor and outdoor spaces

Ryno® Bench

The bench, like the stool, is a new Ryno® product, further enhancing our offering of safe indoor/outdoor furniture

Ryno® Bedroom

Reduced-ligature bedroom furniture specifically designed to address issues experienced in challenging environments