Ryno® Pedestal Table

Dining tables for the most challenging environments


  • Durable polyethylene one-piece construction gives excellent strength
  • Solid grey laminate insert helps ensure the top is level, while still making it able to be used outdoors
  • Heavily weighted up to 260lbs to deter misuse
  • Wipe-clean surface with excellent chemical resistance
  • UV stabilized and water-resistant
  • Floor fixing option is available
  • Pick proof design
  • Anti-tamper locking mechanisms are inbuilt into the design, making this product ideal for challenging environments
Lifetime Guarantee
Weighted Options
100% LDPE
Floor Fastenable


  • Floor fixed option available using Ryno’s innovative hidden anti-tamper design
  • Choice of 1 standard Ryno® color (Moonwalk), other colors from the Ryno range are available at an additional cost and longer lead time
  • Unable to mix and match tops and bases, comes as 1 color as standard
  • Non-core colors are available at additional cost and are subject to a minimum order quantity of 5
  • Ryno® Dining Chairs available to accompany the table

Core colors


Other colors


Icon Purple

Cool Green

Epic Blue

Vegas Yellow

Lime Green

Thunder Gray

Dusty Blue

Dusty Pink


Violet Purple

Warm Terracotta

strong interior construction

A unique corkscrew design creates a very strong connection between the table top and base, secured with anti-tamper fixings.

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

The solid-grade laminate table top provides a durable, water-resistant surface making the table suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

secured with anti-tamper fixings

The table is available in 2 options – a heavily weighted option (260lbs) which deters lifting, and a floor fixed option which, for added safety, makes the table immovable.


Ryno® Pedestal Table

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