Ryno® Restraint Bed

Unique single-piece construction with various restraint bracket options creates an extremely strong and durable bed


  • One-piece construction provides excellent strength, minimizes concealment opportunities and is totally water resistant
  • Designed specifically to minimize ligature risks
  • Pick proof design
  • Restraint brackets with stainless steel fixings and number of attachments made to measure for each client
  • Can easily be wiped clean and dry quickly, ready to be used again
  • Lock barrel remains in place to reduce risk of weaponization
  • Bracket can be unlocked with key (provided) and removed when not in use
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults
Lifetime Guarantee
100% LDPE
Floor Fastenable


  • 1 color stocked for quicker lead times (Moonwalk Gray)
  • Other Ryno® colors available to order (MOQ x 5) with additional costs and longer lead times.
  • Products can be fixed to floors with heavy duty anti-tamper fixings to create a safe, secure environment. Where underfloor heating is used, please contact us for an alternative method
  • Restraint brackets available for the Ryno bed with stainless steel fixings and number of attachments made to measure for each client
  • Choice of three bracket types

Core colors


Other colors

Cool Green

Icon Purple

Lime Green

Epic Blue

Vegas Yellow

Thunder Gray


Dusty Blue

Dusty Pink


Violet Purple

Warm Terracotta


Fixed or removable restraints are now available for Ryno beds with fully customizable number of stainless steel fixings and locations depending on what you need

See our bed restraint brochure here

Corner installs

For installs in a corner or against a wall, our custom infills help to prevent access to the void, reducing opportunities for concealment and tampering. For more information, please check out our install video.


Ryno® Restraint Bed

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